With mission ctrl you can build your own dashboard widgets with blocks. You know blocks, the things you are already using on your posts/pages to make your WordPress site awesome.

The WordPress dashboard has been underutilized for years. It was just that page you had to land but immediately left. We wanted to change that, so we did. Oh, we probably haven’t met yet, hi we’re sorta brilliant, block makers since 2018.

With mission ctrl you can turn something like this, into this in mere minutes

“Mission Ctrl is a WordPress plugin that blockifies the WordPress dashboard screen. The plugin allows users, developers, agencies, or even hosts set up the dashboard with custom widgets (called boards) that are built through the block editor.
It is just brilliant enough to make me ask myself why I did not think of the idea first.”

Justin Tadlock // WPTavern

Why should I care?

I know that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should but I think you really should hear me out. The dashboard could be a really powerful productivity tool. It could serve as the nerve center for your entire site. But now be honest, how many of you immediately just hide all the dashboard widgets. I do, every single time. It’s because I don’t find any of them useful. It irked me that there was this entire section of WordPress that was useless to me, it seemed sad. It’s not sad anymore.

The blocks created by mission ctrl are added to your existing blocks so it maintains support for any block create by other plugins. You don’t have to choose, you can have it all.

Who is this for?

End Users (People of WordPress)

Agencies (People who help people with WordPress)

Hosts (Companies who help people with WordPress)

People with moms who WordPress (Self explanatory)

The possibilities are truly endless

You can add text, media or anything else available via the block editor. Do you have license keys that you can never find, put them in a block. What about training videos for new users on things they just keep forgetting? How about a list of tasks that you need to have completed for an upcoming post? I’m sure there are hundreds of uses I’m not even thinking of and I can’t wait to discover them together.

This is created using the video block.
This is actually the RSS widget.
This one uses the list block.

Mission Ctrl Includes Bespoke Dashboard Only Blocks

Currently we include one custom block, an At a Glance block (basically the same at a glance content that the default WordPress widget uses but in a block form).

Blocks that we currently have in development:

World Time Block

Dictionary/Thesaurus Block

Weather Block

Fine Print

For $29 you get all future v1 updates.